Viticulture A&M is committed to providing healthy and vigorous vines. Our potted plants are calibrated, acclimated and ready to be planted. Under normal conditions, the plant survival rate is nearly 100% even after one year.  We guarantee that our grapes are true to type.  If we sold you a variety different than what you ordered, we will replace or credit 3 plants for each wrong plant.

Limited Warranty

In the case of authenticity for the Frontenac blanc, Frontenac gris or Frontenac (noir), there is a risk of mutation. The guarantee above does not apply to the first 2% of the plants that could have mutated a phenomenon that may occur at any time and that is beyond our control.


When we deliver, we hold ourselves accountable for plant injuries or death that could occur.   However, the buyer assumes responsibility upon receipt of the plants’ conditions and conservation until planting.

When the client picks up the plants, he is responsible for the proper procedures of the plants transfer and care until planting.

In all cases, any client unsatisfied with the product they received may contact the vineyard, who will work with the client to resolve the complaint.

The section “Planting - Basic instructions” explains the procedures to ensure a better survival rate for your planting project.



We deliver everywhere in Canada except in British Columbia. Plants are shipped in a wooden box, which is placed in a resealable, stackable, and durable waxed cardboard box, 48 plants per box (980 per pallet)

PRICE LIST (Price/plant)

+ 0,50$ more per vine of Petite Pearl
(royalty paid directly to the breeder Tom Plocher)

+ 0,25$ more per plant for bare root of large caliber


10 et –

5,00 $

10 à 50

4,00 $

50 à 100

3,00 $

100 à 500

2,50 $

500 à 1 000

2,00 $

1 000 à 2 000

1,75 $

2 000 à 5 000

1,60 $

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