Growing grapes is a long process. Depending on the natural environmental conditions of your planting site, grape varieties, and cultivation conditions, a new vine can take 3 to 4 years before producing clusters that can be used for wine making.

If you are new in the grape growing business, it may be beneficial to seek assistance from a consultant. Knowing your planting site, a consultant can assist you understanding the cultivation and preventing foreseeable problems.   A consultant can also:

  • Evaluate the soil types and conditions, cultivation history which may affect the minerals found in the soil, and the preparatory work (soil aeration, fertilization, and weed control);
  • Assist with the choice of varieties based on soils or other factors (wood edges, dry or humid zones, heavy or sandy soil);
  • Assist with the choice of appropriate methods of planting (holes or furrows, etc.);

A consultant in viticulture could also on a long term:

  • Work with you to evaluate different tasks according to the growing cycle of each variety;
  • Check for pests and diseases to be proactive;
  • Work with you to develop good plant protection (insects, disease, weed);
  • Point out the assistance programs in place, and ongoing information and questions in the grape growing industry.

You certainly can also learn by yourself. We bring to your attention the following resources to enhance your experience in viticulture:

École de viticulture et de vinification du Québec *
The school of Viticulture and Winemaking Quebec *

Identification Guide of Grapevines Grown in a Cold Climate*

Northern Winework *

AgriRéseau – Vine and Wine (french only)*



Nursery with the same grape varieties in the North Eastern United States*

Northeastern Vine Supply

* Viticulture A&M is not responsible for the content of the references above.

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