From the beginning of viticulture in Quebec in the early 1980s, we started our research and production in grape propagation that were adapted to Quebec's climate. At first, we were searching for a complement to Seyval, and we quickly found new grape varieties that did not need winter protection, which enabled us to test, select and breed a wide range of hardy vines.  Over 20 years, these promising varieties have monopolized our research and development.

We work with the best cold climate hybrids to give you a wide variety of grapes that become increasingly adapted to special conditions (climate, soils, length of the seasons). Since 2014, we have produced and sold close to 4 millions vines. Our production targets professional wine growers, but amateurs are also welcome. You can visit our production facilities and demonstrations all year around.

Several experts across Canada and the United States are part of a non-public network of grape variety experiments and crop technology. In this network, our responsibility is to propagate the plants in Canada after the experiments have proven successful and positive.

We are Alain Breault and Mariette Lagueux, and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise.



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